“Modern day truths set in poetry, great way to express ourselves!”

“Gentle hints and reminders of daily life and loves”

David A Thornton began thinking up silly poems and short stories to keep his little sister quiet on long car journeys over 45 years ago. When he was older he made up bedtime stories for his children, wrote songs, plays and musicals, but it wasn’t until 2018 that he started to write down his rhyming poems.

David A Thornton

In February 2018 he launched The Rhyming Corner as a home for his “tickle-tastic rhyming poetry for a modern age” and has now published over 80 poems online, read by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe via the Rhyming Corner’s Facebook site and his poetry blog site. A few poems have also been produced as videos on the Rhyming Corner’s You Tube site.

You can contact The Rhyming Corner at rhymingcorner@gmail.com. The quotes presented at the top of this page are from Facebook followers and reviewers of the Rhyming Corner in the Autumn of 2018. Click here to read the reviews.