Christmas Wrap

The Christmas Elf was feeling down,
His spirit had been crushed.
Last to pack his presents up,
He felt that he had rushed.

Santa always told them,
“Take care when wrapping gifts!”
Good Elves wrap throughout the year
And work in double shifts.

But not this Elf, oh no, not he,
He always left it late,
Then rushed around on Christmas Eve,
In such a flustered state.

As midnight struck he wrapped a book,
And then another one,
His pile had almost reached the roof,
Five minutes he’d be done.

Dashing down the corridor,
Towards the waiting sleigh,
Down the curly whirly slide,
On to the loading bay.

“Where HAVE you been?” said Santa,
“I’m sorry” said the Elf.
He gave Santa his presents,
And retreated to his shelf.

Santa smiled and said out loud,
“Well, better late than never,
Your wrapping has improved this year,
The little bows are clever!”

The little Elf puffed up with pride,
And wiped away a tear,
But secretly thought to himself,
“I’m safe until next year”.

Too Much News

There’s too much news,
You get me?
Too much cut and thrust,
Too much consternation
And hardly any trust.

We seem to be obsessed,
With the battles and the strife,
We’re folding in upon ourselves,
We’re short-changing our life.

Let’s stop and think, Yes disagree,
And rage at the machine,
But understand the temperature,
And keep the playground clean.

Shine A Light

Today we’re outside fixing bulbs,
To shine at Christmas time,
I’m looking closely at next door’s,
But getting on with mine.

I like to put on quite a show,
But keep it neat and chic,
I start on Advent Sunday
And it takes about a week.

I don’t go in for reindeers,
Or snowmen on the roof,
Just garden lighting with a bit
Of sparkle in all truth.

Bring some light into the world,
To chase the dark away.
And twinkle like a Christmas star,
For Santa’s on his way.

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