The Creature on the Moors

“Don’t go on the moors tonight,
beneath that cold moonlight.
Stay safe in doors, not on the moors,
please don’t go out tonight”.
He seemed a jolly fellow,
so I took his words in jest,
I hadn’t thought of going out,
just staying with the rest.

But after listening to his words,
I seemed to want to go,
to take a stroll out on the moors,
a sort of dare, you know.
I slipped out of the pub back door,
and down the country lane,
across a style, for half a mile,
as it began to rain.

But as I passed a clump of trees,
a shadow caught my eye,
did I just see something move
against the evening sky?
A cold and prickly feeling,
started creeping up my spine,
I felt that I was being watched,
perhaps for quite some time.

Of course, I’d heard the stories,
of the creature on the moors,
but hadn’t really thought it real,
just crazy old folklores.
A snap behind me made me jump,
and quickly spin around,
prepared to face a vampire,
or a ghoulish demon hound.

I fled back up the country lane,
and bolted through the door,
the landlord turned to speak to me,
“Have you been on the moor?
Don’t go on the moors tonight,
stay here, for in these parts,
after nine, it’s free house wine,
and everyone plays darts”.

9am on the beach

The roar of the waves,
as they break on the beach,
not yet drowned out,
by the clatter and screech,
of girls in bikinis,
in Instagram poses,
and dads rubbing sun cream
on foreheads and noses.
A sunbow of parasols,
will be displayed,
as lots of hot bodies,
set up in the shade.
The sand freshly raked,
and the sun loungers neat,
waiting for tourists
to put up their feet.

Oh the peace on the beach,
at the start of the day,
before all the tourists
get in the way.

One Word

We are a world of words,
That spark, and tame and frame,
Soothing sounds, some out of bounds,
Invented for the game.

A world that oft is foggy,
And filled with dark half-lies,
Fuelling our suspicions,
Searching through disguise.

Yet words can move a mountain,
Build bridges over streams,
And bring us all together,
As we line up into teams.

Words are ammunition,
Cannons, on front lines,
But also they’re the pathways,
That calm chaotic minds.

Words of truth are brutal,
Not kind, as we suspect,
But in the end, the final word,
Is always use respect.

Mary the Lyrical Fairy

Mary the Lyrical fairy,
Could make words disappear,
She’d wave her magic wand at them,
And they’d fly out of here .

Woosh! there goes a word or two,
Hidden from our sight,
I wonder what that word could be?
Could we guess it right?

There, you see, one went just then!
Can you work it out?
These words keep disappearing,
Is there a thief about?

We just can’t lock the words all up,
We need them free to roam,
I wonder if she’ll stop it soon?
And leave those words alone.

Why oh why then Mary,
Why must you mess about?
She says “words can be so painful,
So I rub some of them out”.

Why am I here?

“Why are we here?”
asked the bright little girl,
“what is the meaning of life?”
The man thought for a moment,
and raised an eyebrow,
then turned, and looked at his wife.

“You’re here thanks to love”,
said the lady to her,
“and your life will be what you will make”.
“But WHY am I here”,
insisted the girl,
“what’s my PURPOSE for goodness sake?”

“There is not a point,
not a reason as such,
you take life and use it your way.
You will decide,
how you want to abide,
and how you will live every day”.

“If you want our advice”,
she said, being nice,
“I suggest that you live through your heart.
Be clever, be kind,
Make the most of your mind,
That sounds like a great place to start”.

The Fall 2 – The Rise

Being the continuing adventures of Leaf in “The Fall”

Leaf trembled in the icy blast,
Twisting wildly round,
The only leaf left on the tree,
The others, on the ground.

He’d lived though all four seasons,
But knew his time had come,
The wind would surely take him,
And compost he’d become.

Then howling wind leapt from the east,
And SNAP he felt it go,
Suddenly he’s floating,
Caught in wind and snow.

High he flies, the tiny leaf,
Spinning round and round
Swirling past a steeple,
And down across the ground.

Round and round the roundabout,
Then over a street light,
Like a crazy fairground ride,
That goes on through the night.

He swirled into a market square,
Then swooped beneath a gate
And stopped outside the smart back door
Of Church lane, number 8

“Look this one is perfect!”
Cried the giant looking down,
She picked him up, “this one is just,
The perfect shade of brown”.

So now, leaf shines there proudly,
In a front-door Christmas wreath,
All golden, and with glitter on,
And two big balls beneath.

My Bin is NOT a number!

My bin has a new number,
It wasn’t there before,
It’s down to our new neighbours’,
Who moved in right next door.

My bin don’t want no number,
It’s downcast, and depressed,
It doesn’t really want to feel
just like all the rest.

They stuck that number on him,
without checking first you see,
It’s like they’re sort of saying
Don’t mix up bins with me.

My bin is now brow beaten,
labelled number 2,
And all the world now knows it,
‘Cos it’s stuck on there with glue.

The Fall

Dancing in the air waves,
Turning to the light,
The leaf twitched in the morning breeze,
Will he fall tonight?

In Spring, he grew with vigour,
Confident, but green,
Keen to reach his salad years,
But keener to be seen.

Throughout the long hot summer,
He stretched out in the sun,
Bending with prevailing winds,
And having lots of fun.

Yet now, so brown and brittle,
As Autumn breezes in,
He feels like he will crumble
And he’s looking thin.

Winter wraps its heavy coat
Around the cooler sun,
Then snow falls on the countryside
But leaf is clinging on.

Dancing in the air waves,
Turning from the light,
The leaf twitched in the cold night air,
Will he fall tonight?

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Inside Out

There was a boy with skin so blue,
As blue as sunny sky,
He turned up in our village,
And startled passers-by.

They’d not seen someone with blue skin,
Unsure of what to think,
He’s not like us, they whispered,
We’re used to brown and pink.

He had a truly awful time
At the local school,
People called him smurf-face
And thought him most uncool

Every night he cried at home,
And hated going out,
He did not feel secure at all,
When he walked about.

But then a kindly teacher,
A certain Mr Quinn,
Started asking questions,
About his coloured skin.

Tell me why it matters?
He asked the local folk,
Just because he’s different
You treat him like a joke.

You villagers have problems,
You can’t see past his face,
He’s still a human being
Your reaction’s a disgrace.

A wiser person judges people
From the inside out,
Start by looking at their heart,
To see what they’re about.

You must not judge a person
Just because they’re blue,
It’s what’s inside that really counts,
That should mean more to you.

A person may be pure and kind
Or rotten to the core,
But you just can’t judge a person
By their colour any more.


Snap! I think I’ve got it,
It’s World photography day,
But when I saw the picture
My thumb was in the way.

You’ll have to take my word for it,
It was a cracking scene
But now I just have pictures
Of where my thumb has been.


That magic feeling,
When he slams it in the net,
The opposition reeling,
His best performance yet.

Schooled in fancy footwork,
Rather than exams,
No aptitude for bookwork,
But full of massive plans.

“You never will amount to much”
They used to say in class,
And yet he had the golden touch,
In playgrounds or on grass.

From back streets to the stadium,
A jedi with the ball,
I guess it turned out that he had
The best results of all.

The Sentinel

I sit beside the fire,
I think of all I’ve seen,
Of Kingdoms and of Dragons,
Adventures there have been,
But oh what a surprise to find,
That soon I’d leave them all behind,
To go upon my last
My final journey.

Across the misty mountains,
Beyond the Chalice seas,
Through lush enchanted valleys,
Filled with watching trees.
At last I reach the caverns,
On Midsummer’s Eve in June,
Here I sit whilst waiting
For the rising of the moon.

So as the moon begins to climb,
Revealed within the light,
An ancient tomb carved from the rock
Upon which stood a Knight.
This dusty, aged sentinel
Looks kindly on my face,
He nods and steps down from his plinth
And I take up his place.


There are no words
for this.
Through clenched teeth
the hiss.
dumb mist
here from nowhere.
Now where?
How, why, what, when,
what hope is there then?
And as I start to rationalise
I feel the salt burn in my eyes.


The candle that burns brightest,
Burns down before the rest,
The car that’s always speeding,
Will crash before the best.
A rocket will not reach the moon,
If no one adds the fuel,
And children who don’t listen,
Will not do well at school.

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