Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Tickletastic Poems and Rhymes has a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, effective May 23, 2018. These changes were made primarily in preparation for the EU’s new data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

With these updates, we reaffirm our commitment to safeguarding the personal data of our subscribers, contacts, and anyone who visits our websites.

We use Mailchimp to communicate with our subscribers. MailChimp has three core privacy principles: accountability through awareness, empowering individuals, and protecting and safeguarding information. They embrace privacy by design, which means their teams actively design and build features with privacy considered alongside innovation and functionality.

If you subscribe to our enewsletter, which regularly sends new poems out to subscribers, we only access this data via Mailchimp, who store the subscribers database on our behalf. You may unsubscribe from the enewsletter at any time, and your contact email will be immediately removed. Mailchimp tell us that the subscriptions sign-up is GDPR compliant.

We also use Facebook, and publish poems and other messages to contacts who “like” our poems. However, we don’t keep a list of followers ourselves, and we recognise that Facebook subscribers can “un-follow” us easily at any time.

We do not currently use any type of tracking (anonymous or otherwise) on our website (eg@ Google Pixel) other than the WordPress daily stats which simply show us numbers of visitors to a certain page or post and country or origin. We do keep records of this geographic and volume traffic to asses which of our poems and stories are the most popular. If we do decide to use a tracking measure in the future, we will inform website visitors that this exists.

Finally, we do maintain a list of business to business contacts. These are printers, designers, publicists and other companies with whom we do business. We do not share these lists with anyone else, and they are only maintained within a secure Yahoo database for ease of access, so that we can contact a business partner or supplier when we wish to do business with them.

By continuing to subscribe to, or follow Tickletastic poems on or after May 23, 2018, you acknowledge our approach, whilst also recognising that you can unsubscribe from our email database or Facebook feeds at any time simply and easily.

As our company grows and evolves, we’ll continue to focus on strengthening and improving our privacy practices and tools, for the benefit of our subscribers, contacts, and website visitors. If our policy or practice changes in any way we will let our subscribers and followers know.

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