The Robin and the Olive branch

As autumn breezes boldly in,
A Robin on an Olive branch.
The gatherers are hard at work,
As leaves begin their avalanche.

Seasons spinning ever faster,
All patched up with sticking plaster.
Already I am chasing Spring,
When life renews, and Robins sing

Happy Hour

I crave that instant wisdom,
At the dawning of the hour,
I seek to balance justice,
For this weak and pretty flower.

I cannot hope to save her,
Her roots? Fragile and dry.
To fertilize the past, they say,
Will only make us cry.

England in Miniature

Have you ever been
To the Isle of Wight?
We went over Tuesday,
And stayed till Friday night.
Although it isn’t very big,
It’s larger than it looks,
And worth a bit of planning,
With your trusted travel books.

The roads are often narrow,
And they weave around a lot,
I guarantee, you’ll be amazed,
At what a lot it’s got.
I wouldn’t like to pick one thing,
And state it as the best,
But rather say, head there today,
And put it to the test.

You have to get a ferry,
But it isn’t very far,
The buses there are really good,
So no need for the car.
But if I may just recommend,
A favourite place of mine,
Godshill Model Village,
If you find you have the time.

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