Being Here

Racing blindly round the bend,
Jumping forward to the end,
Skimming over boring text,
Chasing after what comes next.

The fresh allure of pastures new,
Promising a better view,
The greener grass, not far away,
Inviting us to come and stay.

We never look before we leap,
Landing somewhere way too deep,
Fast-forwarding to what comes next,
Missing out on life’s subtext.

Life shouldn’t be a constant race,
Let’s vote today for slower pace,
And take some time to figure out,
What being here is all about.

The Top of Everything

“What goes up, must then come down” But what if that’s not true?
You might just keep on going up and that is all you do.
At first it feels quite clever, floating in the air,
Your feet rise off the pavement with nothing under there.

Up above the houses, and past the tops of trees,
Everything is shrinking, when I look down past my knees.
I’m floating past an office block, hello ninetieth floor!
A bird flew past, and almost died of shock at what he saw.

Up I go, on into clouds, where it starts to rain,
I just waved at the people in a passing Jumbo plane.
Now it’s getting darker, this must be the stratosphere.
I should have brought a space suit to come flying right up here.

I think I saw a Martian, in a rocket, close to Mars,
I had to make a detour not to crash into the stars,
Now the sky is milky, with swirls just like ice cream,
The universe gets smaller still, until is can’t be seen.

But now it’s getting brighter, there’s a glow that’s all around,
I’ve reached the top of everything, furthest from the ground.
My head bobs gently on the roof, my feet just hanging there,
I get the sense that I’ve arrived, this seems to be somewhere.

I suppose I am quite tired; I could do with a rest,
Perhaps a comfy pillow, and a long sleep would be best.
I’ve had a good long innings, I’ve got nothing left to fear,
And yes, I’ll miss my loved ones, but I’ll watch them from up here.

Toy Story

It’s time to have a hoo-ha
I can feel it in the air, 
Everyone’s on tenterhooks, 
Tread carefully out there!

A rash of strong opinions, 
A clash of points of view, 
People lining up on sides, 
Not sure of what to do.

Tweeters chirping loudly, 
Red faces Facebooked too, 
Papers full of angsty cries
While we all sit and stew. 

Where is all this heading, 
These sights and fights and noise?
I guess we’ve reached that moment,
where we all throw out our toys.

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