Home is where the heart is,
And where we all must stay,
However hard this sounds to you,
Look on it this way:
The sun has started shining,
We see the flowers grow,
Our mornings seem much brighter,
And warmer winds now blow.
As Spring replaces Winter,
And day defeats the night,
The Earth will keep revolving
And the World will be alright

The Gift

“We cannot use the Sleigh you say?”
Said dumbstruck Santa Clause,
The sleigh was grounded, deemed unsafe
By elf and safety laws.

The snow runners were buckled,
And made an awkward hissing,
Frost had rusted up the rails,
And Rudolf’s nose was missing.

Throughout the summer season,
the work had not been done,
Forgotten, left alone to rust,
Ignored by everyone.

Call the Elf mechanics!
Find that reindeer nose,
Santa needs his sleigh tonight,
To travel through the snows.

Hauled into the garage,
So sleigh repairs could start,
Metal fixed and bolts were tested,
Bits were pulled apart.

“I think I’ve found the problem”,
Claimed an Elf under the Sleigh,
“Some’s turned the Care switch off,
So Hope has gone away”.

Without a Care we’re finished,
Without a Hope we’re lost,
A caring warming heart will always
Melt away the frost.

Well Santa’s sleigh was sorted,
They turned the switch back on,
And all the children got their gifts,
So joy to everyone!

The message in this story,
Is “caring lights our way”,
And isn’t just for Christmas,
But a gift for every day.

Toy Story

It’s time to have a hoo-ha
I can feel it in the air, 
Everyone’s on tenterhooks, 
Tread carefully out there!

A rash of strong opinions, 
A clash of points of view, 
People lining up on sides, 
Not sure of what to do.

Tweeters chirping loudly, 
Red faces Facebooked too, 
Papers full of angsty cries
While we all sit and stew. 

Where is all this heading, 
These sights and fights and noise?
I guess we’ve reached that moment,
where we all throw out our toys.

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