River Cycle

High up on the mountain top,
the storm clouds all are spent,
rain has fallen to the ground
to start the long descent.
As it reaches tipping point,
the power is unleashed,
racing down the mountain side,
a liquefying beast.
Rocks are tossed aside like leaves.
The silver creature roars:
“I’ll tear your river bank to shreds,
and creep under your doors”.
It slithers into villages,
where others join the pool,
roaring through the countryside
on gravity as fuel.
Flowing through the old canals,
some water slips away,
captured by the reservoirs,
saved for another day.
But then, at last, a coastal view,
the sea not far to reach,
it nips under the promenade,
and heads off down the beach.
Here the river meets the sea,
but no rest for the rain,
the clouds soak up the water drops
and start off once again.

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